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‘Mission Emission’ Drives Environmental Benefits and Improved Productivity.

Thwaites ‘Mission Emission Agenda’ of continuous improvement and best practice is designed to reduce energy consumption, the impact on the environment, whilst maintaining production output and quality control.

The recent £75,000 investment in new baking ovens from Complete Finishing Systems Ltd, further automates the manufacturing process. With the objective of increasing skip productivity and reducing bake times, the highly efficient LPG ovens use hot air circulation with fitted inverter burners, thus improving the reliability of temperature control. Delivering a final finish that continually exceeds quality control stipulations.

The new ovens, in addition to an upgrade of paint spaying booths, lines and guns, have been installed and commissioned this summer at the Thwaites factory in Leamington Spa.

This move has critically enabled a move towards the introduction and application of significantly reduced solvent paints. Solvent paints have high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as do the flushing solvents required to continually clean paint lines.

Thwaites Production Manager Andrew Mann said, “The consideration and trial period of the transfer to reduced solvent paints, some three years, was thoroughand extensive. PPG Industries (UK) Ltd were ultimately selected as our partner and provider”.

PPG Industries Global Key Account Manager David Linford said, “We were delighted to secure this prestigious contract. We have subsequently worked closely with Thwaites to develop a solution that will reduce emissions, whilst retaining the coating performance Thwaites’ customers expect”.

Mr Mann went on to say, “The due diligence during the testing period considered the impact of the new reduced solvent paint when introduced to, differing weather elements encountered across our four seasons. The effect of salt, high and medium impact to the skip, corrosion testing in addition to exposure to the ‘typical conditions’ a dumper encounters on site we all also thoroughly tested”.

This summer (2019) the first stocks of the reduced solvent paint have arrived and have been comprehensively readied to ensure colour compatibility ahead of introduction to the paint spray process. In addition and for completion of process, the supply chain has also been transitioned to the new environmentally friendly paint.

The calculated benefit will see a 30% reduction in VOC’s, a 100% reduction in flushing solvent with a reduction in LPG energy consumption from the improved performance ofthe baking ovens.

In early Autumn (2019) the very first dumper with all of its composite parts sprayed and baked, in accordance with the new environmentally friendly process will roll off the production line. Ahead of the launch early next year of the Thwaites 2020 models.

A further significant step from Thwaites towards reducing power consumption and emissions, whilst ensuring product integrity and ultimately being more considerate to the environment.