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Continual Improvement Delivers Further Protection

The Thwaites factory team is supported by the very latest technology, from welding to cutting, to painting to assembly. All of which is governed by rigorous quality control and safety standards… all before the dumper can leave the factory.

With a dedicated focus on the management of health and safety in the workplace, Thwaites adheres to a programme of continuous improvement, all to ensure risk is thoroughly assessed and minimised.

Thwaites continually reviews best practice and regularly consults with the market to find the solutions that will add value by further reducing risk, providing further protection to our team, our supply chain and our visitors.

One such supplier is Warehouse Safety Solutions from Meon.

We first met Meon during a continual safety improvement visit to the Health and Safety Event. We were really impressed with their product range, safety improvement systems and engagement with our business.

This led to discussions in late 2022 around the safety integration we planned to install in the summer factory shutdown of 2023. This integration centred around external walkways, crossing areas and zoned parking areas. All to further improve visibility, distance and protection from on-site traffic to reduce risk and minimise any risk of incident or accident.

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