Gender Pay Report

Gender Pay Report 2024


All legal entities in the UK who employ 250+ employees are required to publish the following Gender Pay gap figures on an annual basis. Equal pay for equal work for women and men is a legal requirement in the UK and Thwaites Ltd is committed to always ensuring fairness in pay.

The Gender Pay Gap figures discussed here do not look at equal pay, but rather show the difference between the average earnings and bonus earnings of women and men regardless of their role or level within the company.

Our Figures


Mean and Median Pay & Bonus Gap
Gender Pay Gap 2.06% 8.96%
Gender Bonus Gap 20.67% 12.97%


Proportion of employees earning a bonus
Female 100%
Male 87.6%


Proportion of employees in each pay quartile
Pay Quartile Male Female
1st 93% 7%
2nd 91% 9%
3rd 98% 2%
4th 93% 7%


Understanding the Gap

Engineering and Manufacturing has traditionally been a male dominated industry, and this is reflected at Thwaites where the male workforce is significantly higher than the female. However, although women are underrepresented in the shopfloor environment, a relatively high proportion of women do work in middle and senior management roles, which has had an impact on the actual gender pay gap being lower than anticipated.

As a company we will continue to ensure female participation at all levels of the workforce and support in opening doors for women to work in the shopfloor environment.


The figures have been checked, agreed and approved and we will ensure that this report is reviewed and updated annually.


Simon Hill

Managing Director