Health & Safety


Thwaites Ltd, through its activities in manufacturing, recognise that good Health & Safety practices are essential in maintaining a strong and effective business . Through a thorough application of the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974, it aims to control its activities to maintain its duty to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of those persons affected by its activities.

This will be delivered through the provision of:

  • Safe plant and equipment
  • Safe systems of work
  • Correct training, supervision, and instruction
  • Maintenance of a safe workplace and working environment
  • Control of suppliers, contractors, and other third -party involvement
  • Adequate personal protection equipment This will be supported by:
  • The existence and maintenance of a Health & Safety policy
  • Full and effective review of the Health & Safety management system as required
  • Promotion of a positive Health & Safety Culture
  • Effective risk assessments which are actively monitored and regularly reviewed
  • Reporting of accidents, incidents and near misses
  • A clear and effective organisational structure
  • Competent persons employed to undertake and advise on matters of Health & Safety
  • Safety representatives to consult and engage the workforce on Health & Safety matters
  • A safety committee comprising of management and the safety representatives
  • Adequate resource to ensure adherence of policy and procedures is facilitated
  • A robust occupational health program

With this approach it is expected that every person working for, or on behalf of, Thwaites Ltd, will understand their part in applying the Health & Safety policy at work and support it to the best of their ability by:

Taking reasonable care of themselves, and others

  • Co-operating with the application of the Health & Safety Management System
  • Operating in accordance with risk assessments and safe systems of work
  • Reporting any Health & Safety concerns to allow for timely resolution
  • Actively engaging with the safety representatives


The Board of Directors accept ultimate responsibility for Health & Safety within the Company as a whole. Matters of Health & Safety will be periodically reported to the Board of Direct ors. In connection with this, the Board has  set the following tar get:

  • Adhere to a Risk Assessment review schedule and implement reasonably practicable improvements to ensure all activities are undertaken at the lowest practicable “Risk Rating”.

Signed: Simon Hill,

Date: 03/12/20